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St. Paul's Episcopal Church, St. Joe

Due to the current health situation in the country, all Episcopal and Lutheran parishes in Michigan have been directed to suspend all gatherings through May 10, 2020, including Holy Week and Easter. 

All worship, study, and outreach events have been cancelled or moved online. Members are encouraged to reach out to fellow members via phone, online social media and the internet to continue to keep in touch and mindful of the safety and security of each other.

Elderly members will need additional support in securing care and supplies as well as overcoming this forced isolation. Please be generous with your time and resources as you are able.

Parish leaders can schedule online prayer and study services through the internet. No one is alone in this. We are together and we are family.

God's Peace be with you.

Bishop Hougland will preach and offer Morning Prayer each Sunday at 10:30am

Diocesan Leaders will offer Compline each Wednesday and Friday at 8:00pm

Both offerings will be available on the Eastern Michigan and Western Michigan Facebook pages. You do not need a Facebook account to watch the video. 

The people are the church. Come be a part of the people who love God, their community and each other.

We welcome all persons who are seeking to live with integrity, love, and dignity. The people of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church affirm their commitment to be an inclusive community – to accept all persons regardless of race, class, gender, and sexual identity. We welcome all people on the basis of our baptismal covenant in which we promise to serve Christ in all persons and to respect the dignity of every human being.

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